September 29, 2014

Hearing Thoughts.


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Dear Deepak,
Your teaching is very interesting. Firstly I read your book about synchrodestiny. As I encounter coincidence in my life, I really enjoyed having an explanation. Also the definition of the different states of consciousness helps me to understand some events of my life. I have the feeling that I can hear what people think about me. It was not always nice but practical, I did not really care but now I have another feeling, I feel attacked. So I try to focus my attention because it could have effect on my life. I would like to know if you have advice.
Thank you for all your work.


Being more aware of, and sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of people around you isn’t necessarily desirable unless it comes with a commensurate growth of discernment and strength of awareness. That way you filter out and are protected from all the extraneous and unhelpful influences and are free to notice and attend to the useful ones.


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  1. Francie Holden

    Remember that what someone says or thinks about you says more about them than it says about you. Living your life through intention and practicing meditation helps counter act negative messages from others. Also, if you are doing good things for yourself or if you are different from the mainstream, people will often send out a negative vibe. I totally disagree with the woman here who says you should try to change yourself according to what other people think. and it is understandable that negativity feels like an attack. The trick is to be so grounded in yourself that negativity has less effect. It is always dangerous to let the energy of others steer your course through life. But I'm not a collectivist as many new agers are. Celebrate who you are as an individual. And if someone doesn't like it, they can move on.

  2. Maryla Wall

    Thanks Deepak , love u

  3. Ryan Named Murphy

    Me and Deepak would have some amazing conversations lol. People on twitter always think I'm him because of how I talk

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