August 29, 2014

Healing Strong Emotions.


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Does the connection with consciousness heal strong emotions? If we have a "trigger" that sets off strong emotions, what are we supposed to do with that emotion? Our mind will take over and we will ruminate over it. How can the root cause be healed if we just ignore the emotion?


The connection to our silent consciousness through meditation is a powerful tool to help heal strong emotional attachments and triggers. But it can also be useful to support that healing with other healing modalities. Exercise, yoga, breathing techniques, counseling, dancing, massage, music, and nature walks are all good ways to help release deep emotional triggers.


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  1. Ron Greenstein

    The following are two ways of dealing with triggered strong emotions, one general and one specific. The general one is to practice developing an attitude that takes one’s own self less seriously. By coming to understand that the state of a normal person, one’s self, is that of being entangled in conflicting desires, conditioned thinking, addicted to illusory values, and ignorant about what is truly important, some of the potency and clinging to our identity is relieved. This can help toward creating an inner atmosphere more ripe for mindfulness and the facing of the conscious or unconscious thinking patterns that trigger the strong emotions like depression, rage, embarrassment, jealousy, anxiety, etc. One is then, perhaps, in a position to resolve the conflicts, make peace, and see the false from the true. Then, in order to fulfill this newly gained understanding, one must encourage and put into practice expressing the resolutions and revelations in one’s daily life. Thus, the the emotions, rather than continue to torture, become important signposts that point out the existence of what requires the healing balm of love, truth and reality.

  2. heartphone

    I can only think of one reason @N because I experience this myself. The older one gets the more relative everything seems to become. Maybe that`s the reason old people are seen as irrelevant. But being irrelevant puts one straight into the golden age. Nothing matters anymore and so you can enjoy the simple things in life again like you were a child......

  3. N

    Strong emotional attachments...Why does it sometimes seem impossible to forget a few people ? No matter how hard you try, no matter how much time has passed. They still live in everything you do, with every changing season. Why is it that you connect to some people more than others ?

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