November 4, 2019
Ask Deepak

Healing Emotional and Verbal Abuse.


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I  am 16 years old male who grew up in a household with a bipolar alcoholic father. He left when I was 12 but he would come back some nights to scream at me and my mother and then I ended up in and out of mental hospitals for a time for wanting to take my own life at age 13 but I have made a great recovery over the past years but recently my father has been sending me abusive messages and he says that our relationship is over but I feel there is still hope so how do I go about dealing with him while I try to further my own recovery?


Your focus and hope should be directed on your own recovery and healing, not on your father changing. You have no control over him, but you do have the ability to make decisions about your own life, so that is what you need to put your attention on. I hope you are seeing a counselor regularly or have a male mentor,  so you have someone you trust and admire to talk to about these things.



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