November 14, 2011

Headaches and Bad Moods After Meditation.


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I've been questioning God’s existence for a long time, then I heard your audiobook "How to Know God" and "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" I'm strongly convinced about being our own source of power, I've been practicing silence and not judging, it's amazing!! However, sometimes after my silence practice, I feel really bad, headaches, dizziness and at some point the last two days I've felt even in horrible humour. There isn't any reason, during my meditation everything is going ok. My life is different, I look at people and feel an amazing love and tenderness. I'm asking this because I just can't find an explanation to this physical badness and bad humour episodes. What can I do? Thanks very much for your advice!!


This reaction of headaches and irritability after meditation is almost always due to coming out of that silent state too quickly. The discomfort and bad mood is from the unfinished process of stress release that is still continuing after meditation. Even if you don’t feel especially deep at the end of your practice, it is important not to jump up immediately into activity. Take at least 2 or 3 minutes to transition gradually into activity before you open your eyes and stand up. If you feel that you are releasing a lot of old conditioning, then take even longer to come out of meditation. Even lie down and rest for five minutes if you feel like it. That transition period will allow the residual stress to dissipate and you can then get up feeling refreshed and relaxed.


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  1. Sameer Patil

    Thanks Deepak for the knowledge.

  2. Meditator

    Dear Leii, I experienced similar problems until my family noticed a positive change in me after I meditated. Until then, they disapproved in what I was doing. What I did during that time was meditate before everyone else got up in the morning or meditated after everyone fell asleep. Perhaps if your family got a little educated medically about the positive effects of meditation and see the change in you, they will change their attitude toward you. But even if they don`t, meditating while they are not there or asleep may solve your problem.

  3. Zaak

    I have reached my innermost self, and had a few transcending meditations where I am in rem sleep while traversing through silver, short linear beams of light, surrounded by black and red light. When I notice my eyes are rapidly moving back and forth, asleep, but tense. How might I relax enough to keep the visions going and break through to the masters? I am that, I am! And I am willingly all that comes during these meditations that transcend personality, but I consistently tense up in what might be fear of knowing, or fear of being. How to relax enough to know God and his place for me and the point at which I came is in question. Are we allowed to enter the place of our being one with our creator?

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