February 13, 2013

Having Visions.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

When you have visions, how do you know which one of these it is: forming your future by visualizing it, experiencing transcendental travel or observing future as it'll happen to somebody else?

There are no exact rules for visions and intuition, but if your vision or dream is associated with your personal ideals or ambitions, then it is most likely an extension of your intentions, and not a passive view of the future. I‘m not sure I know what transcendental travel is, but generally if during sleep your attention is primarily located in a subtle body vehicle that is connected to your senses then you are more likely to feel motion in your dream instead of simply visualizing scenes. That dream sensation gives the feeling of traveling, but in truth, all aspects of our awareness is nonlocalized, so there is no real movement from A to B in consciousness.


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  1. ogozo

    I would say that all might be true or not. It is a dream or a vision and by definition does not play by conscious rules. A rule that I have come to adopt for my personal vision dream conversion and integration is to not give any meaning to these events. What I intend by this practice is to point out that REAL Visions when they come do not require an interpretive mind they simply have direct value in applicable truth. They sync up with ordinary awareness though perhaps at the same time illuminating or transcending it. In many instances the path the lead to the vision as a foundational practice is more real then the visions themselves. The visionary experience is after all an illuminated state of grace and attainment. The attainment of the state of visionary perception is often to total point and to learn to sustain or harness that potential and articulate it into ordinary awareness is evolutionary behavior. To solidify these subtle territories into common daily perception is spiritually enhanced creative work. Sometimes if you can get back into the feeling of the visionary moment the mood of that moment will be enough to integrate the sensational into your life. I find that is really what I am working to accomplish when recalling my own visionary moments so that the feeling of the vision might become a bit more real in my everyday habitual zone of readiness.

  2. su zi

    A disappointing response: have had visions forever, sometimes they are other people`s lives, sometimes they are messages et cetera

  3. @Mindinhah


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