August 13, 2020
Ask Deepak



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My question to you is on being happy. I find myself most of the time seeking for something else, which I don’t know what it is. Is happiness a practice or it should come naturally due to your inner nature? I also feel by seeking that “something else”, I am not being in the present moment. Please help me. I continue doing my regular Sadhana/Meditation, but do not do enough of Seva.


Real happiness comes from the fulfillment one feels as a result of realizing your inner nature. So you are on the right track with meditation and service, but it doesn’t necessarily happen right away. And since it is a much quieter and deeper form of happiness than what we have been conditioned to, it also means we need to disengage our old conceptions of happiness in order to notice the subtle stirrings of the true presence of happiness growing within. Be patient and gentle with yourself and let your happiness emerge in its own proper time.



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