January 10, 2014

Happiness and Overeating.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Eating is a natural way to feel happy. Overeating isn't.

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  1. dan

    we are a world of addiction because we try to replace what is missing from our life`s. the day we are born was the the first time we would experience this thing. and we will only go through life trying to find it again, but will not, until we learn give it. unconditional love. it is what we give to a child when born, if not the parent, the person delivering the baby will give it. we will give our love without a thought of receiving anything back. does not matter how much money you earn how many cars you have, how much food we eat we will never find that feeling again, unless we learn to give it first,we use addiction to give ourselves that feeling but it does not last, and does not replace what is missing,and after a while the addiction gets worst because you are trying to find something that can never be found no matter how many times you try. the feeling when you try something for the first time, is one of amazement, happiness, joy,like when a child eats an ice cream for the first time but does not matter how many times they try again it will never be as good,the feeling is similar to the one of unconditional love but when you give that the feeling will never leave for as long as you give it.and you will have no need for addiction. your body is trying to make you happy, so if you cannot see this love your body will try to replace it. with things that make you happy, anyone can give unconditional love, and you will receive it back if only from yourself. with love dan

  2. Jenna

    I`ve entered a new phase in my life. I eat when I`m happy. I eat when I`m unhappy. I eat to fill something other than what is needed to nourish me. Knowing what I`m doing doesn`t stop the behavior. I`ve even started to speak to myself saying "Why are you eating this? Is it to for nourishment or to fill something else." More times than not, I know what the answer is and say it will be the last day of my behavior. Then do it all over again. Why?

  3. Paula Abrão

    Liziane Franco

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