September 6, 2022
Ask Deepak

Half-and-Half Identity.


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Dear Deepak, I have a unique question for you. I am half Greek from my mother’s side and half Pakistani from my father’s side but I was born and raised in Australia. The issue is I sometimes feel like I have no sense of identity due to my upbringing. My mother is Greek but she hates Greece and sometimes even denies being Greek as she didn’t have the best upbringing there. My father never taught me anything about where he came from. So when I say I’m half Greek and Half Pakistani how can I really be those things if I don’t completely know what they are? I don’t even speak the languages so how can I attach these to my identity. Imagine an adopted child that never knew who his parents were – I feel like that even though I have my parents. I really am sick of this identity issue. I want to move on to the next chapter of my life. Can you help me Deepak? Why do I feel like this?


Consider your background as your soul leading you to find a deeper, more spiritual identity beyond your national and cultural identities. Even if both of your parents could trace long lineages from a single country, culture and language, that would only provide you with an easy answer to what your external influences are on you, but that wouldn’t tell you who you truly are. True self-knowledge requires you to transcend all relative labels and roles, to find your core identity underneath it all.



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