February 14, 2015

Growing Anxiety.


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Dear Deepak,
Since I was 18 I had problems with anxiety but by the time I started discovering the spiritual world I was feeling in ‘’normal state’’. After I had my spiritual awakening, I started practicing meditation 3 times a day with different guided meditations on the Internet. I suddenly began to feel blissfully fine. This lasted almost 1 month but, one day, for some reason I quit meditation and ,suddenly, I began waking up many times during night, I couldn’t sleep well and anxiety appeared, this time I felt that anxiety was completely out of control. By that time, it was impossible for me to get my meditation back for I was so scared that it was impossible to concentrate. I read a lot of information on the internet and some people say that might be related to the Kundalini awakening which can have very dangerous effects. But I’m not sure. What do you think?
Thanks for your response.


Kundalini energy is a natural movement of awakening energy that is present in all humans and is a basic part of one’s physiological and psychological development in life, whether you meditate or not. You haven’t given me enough information to determine whether your anxiety is connected to your meditations or not. There are certain practices that can artificially stimulate and force the activation of Kundalini energy, and one should always be cautious of doing those practices only under the personal guidance of a qualified teacher. I don’t know what meditations you found on the Internet, but if they were Kundalini activating practices, then it is best that you stopped.

It’s entirely possible that your anxiety and sleep problems would have arisen with or without the meditation you were doing. So address the anxiety as a separate issue. Get lots of exercise and fresh air. Go for walks in Nature to develop a deep appreciation for beauty and peacefulness. Talk to family and close friends about what you are feeling. Begin an easy and simple meditation practice that lets your awareness settle down to its inner stillness. Do 10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing exercises or pranayama before you meditate, and for 5 minutes before you go to bed. The breath is a powerful way to calm the mind.



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  1. Ala

    Some say stress is chronical since 20 century. In past people had better moralcy, discipline. They were not so stressed. Mr. Deepak does rules therefore he is successful, not depressive. He says good opinions.

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