November 4, 2020
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Good and Evil People.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


My daughter (17) and I discuss about our approach to people. She firmly believes and insists on opening herself and her soul unconditionally to everybody regardless of who they are, evil to her is not to trust people, not to accept them in full. She does not want to listen to me when I talk about protecting herself, she says she does not want it because protection would mean closing her soul to people, they will feel it and relationships will not be pure and deep any longer… I would like to have your opinions and suggestions.


First of all, congratulations on raising a daughter who has grown up in an environment that makes her feel safe and trusting. That is a rare accomplishment these days. Now, you are rightly concerned that as she is reaching adulthood and moving out into the world of strangers her innocence and trusting nature will not protect her from the very real dangers that exist outside the home.

Explain to her that developing safe and appropriate relationships with others doesn’t mean she needs to distrust them or assume the worst in them. When we get in the car we don’t assume we are going to get in a car crash, but we still wear our seat belt to be safe.  Learning to be emotionally safe with others means she needs to wait to be open and vulnerable until she has a deep intuition that they are trustworthy. Being young and idealistic it will take some trial and error for her to gain the wisdom and experience before she can rely on her intuition. Unfortunately, there is no way to gain some of this knowledge without living life and learning from it, especially in matters of the heart. As she gets older she will learn who is safe and worthy of her emotional openness and who isn’t. Also, she may admire certain individuals with outgoing and expressive personalities—people who wear their heart on their sleeves—and think that is a model of openness and acceptance. It is a type of openness, but it is generally quite superficial, because what is being shared is passing enthusiasms and feelings, not the soul or the core sense of your Being. She will find that the meaningful soul connections with others happen automatically whether you feel you are open or not, protecting yourself or not. The true self or soul doesn’t need protection and it doesn’t need help in being open. That is its nature. But the tender feelings of the heart do need sensible protection when young until it gains more wisdom.



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