December 29, 2014

God’s Will Be Done.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak
first and most importantly thank you. You have saved my life. I was lost and in the depths of depression and your 21 day meditation programmes have brought such light and hope into my life . When I get to thinking about my intentions and desires before meditation to release them into the gap I always struggle, I feel conflicted because I feel God is the best judge of what would make me happy. It says in ACIM to let God decide because …well we're here because we chose the wrong thing. We chose against heaven And now we have to seek enlightenment again. So when it gets to releasing a desire into the gap I just ask that God’s will for my life be done. Is this correct? Can you offer some guidance here. I feel a little confused.
Lots of love


That is a perfectly fine way to let go of your desire. You don’t have to feel bad about choosing the wrong thing though. When you release your deepest intention into the gap, your higher self is connected with the universal intelligence of Nature and it will only bring you what is in your highest and best interests.


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  1. N

    Heartfelt wishes for a very happy and prosperous new year Deepak Sir. I really appreciate your work...Thanks for everything. Thanks for answering this question...I wanted to ask the same thing myself.

  2. TheLightworkers Home

    ONE LOVE (((♥)))

  3. Barbara Geng

    Happy New Year, Deepak

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