September 15, 2022
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God’s Desires and Ego’s Desires.


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I have found your work to be extremely helpful. I have read and re-read “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” and am implementing many of these laws into my life. However, I am getting stuck on the difference between my own desires and those of God, or the great spirit. I feel more connected to God and to the rest of the world than ever before, but I still feel as though my desires are my ego’s, and they feel selfish any
time I wish for material success. I continue to draw a dichotomy between “being spiritual” and “being materially successful”. It seems that if there is a single energy or life force (chi), then ought there be only a single purpose, or goal for all of life? That may be to serve others, or to create love, but these “spiritual” purposes seem to conflict with any notion of material or worldly success. Thanks for any insights you can
provide on this issue! And thank you for your terrific work!


There may be one life force energy coursing through the universe, but there are countless perspectives of that energy that see themselves and their interests separate from it. That is essentially the definition of the ego mind. Self-realization consists in re-educating yourself that your true self is that one universal intelligence and aligning one’s interests and desires according to that inner divinity. From that state of consciousness, there is no conflict between your desires and God’s. If you need material success to accomplish your purpose, then it will happen. If you don’t need it, then your deep nature won’t desire it either. Your priority should be on living that state of awareness that transcends the dichotomy between your desires and God’s. In that place you can enjoy the beauty and play of creation in gratitude.




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August 18, 2022
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