March 31, 2023
Ask Deepak

God the Boss.


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Dear Deepak, I was reading an excerpt from one of your books and you mentioned something about what it’s like to have God make every decision for you. For me that’s a scary thought. Am I to believe that when I reach a certain level of consciousness that God will be ordering me around?


God is the divine intelligence that is our true self, our higher self. Being in a state of awakened consciousness where God makes decisions for you is exactly the same as the state of consciousness where your higher self makes all decisions for you. Only the words are different, the experience and reality are identical. Some people feel more comfortable with the implied devotional relationship to existence that the word “God” implies. Others don’t. But whether the enlightened person describes their experience in terms of God or not, no self-realized person feels they are bossed around. Just the opposite.



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