January 19, 2013

God`s Punishment.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Does God punish us very harshly for our mistakes, such as non-deliberate betrayal in relationships, even if we are dying of guilt and are intentions were good on the whole? Does God give us our love back after we accept our punishment in good spirit?


All our actions have consequences according to the intentions we hold in our heart at the time. It’s not that we should think of God meting out punishment to us, we are merely receiving the reactions of our past actions for the opportunity to further our evolution. Relating to God as an avenger who punishes us will generally encourage a sense of separation and distance from God. Guilt is often the way we punish ourselves even more which further distances us from God and our inner nature.

We don’t have to wait for punishment in order for God to then give our love back, it is never gone. True forgiveness and atonement comes through connecting to that divine source of unconditional love within.


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  1. Dave

    When we ask questions like this, it`s our understanding of God that must change. In the West, we have an image of a god-man, sitting on his throne in Heaven, waiting to dole out punishment and hurricanes, with Jesus sitting next to him asking for mercy. This isn`t the nature of God! God is a source of all things that only brings light. We must know this first. So the choices we make have natural consequences, both physically and emotionally. It`s not God... It`s you.

  2. @James_ songood

    If we accept perceived mistreatment in good spirits, we have already given our anger to God. God changes our would be anger to love and returns it to us. This is the supreme LOVE affair with God.But this LOVE comes to us with a spiritual gain - wisdom.

  3. Spirit Elf

    Dear Ceu, I too was betrayed by many and I can feel the pain you have written into every single word you write. My body was betrayed (and delivered disease), my heart was betrayed, my love was betrayed, my whole existence was betrayed. And many were involved in covering it up, perpetrating the betrayal, and exploiting my kindness to build up their egos at the expense of my life. Not exactly equal in any equation: ego/life. I am working towards a point where I am able to forgive so that I can move on. It really doesn`t matter whether the perpetrators are punished, reformed, forgive themselves, or move on. It matters to me what happens to me. I control how I treat myself and I can forgive - them and myself. It has taken over 4 years to get here. Through forgiveness I can be free from the tormenting thoughts. I can become even more than I have ever been. I am still crippled by the fear that it will happen again - I can`t lie. I am learning to say NO to people who don`t honour and cherish my existence on earth. It is part of me learning how to protect myself. Will I make mistakes? Yes. Will my life end because another person betrays me? No - I have survived this mess and I know I can survive another. I am very aware that life has many steep challenges for me yet to face and I am building the strength to take them on. Please know that my heart is with you, that you are not alone, and I have felt exactly what you have written. You must recognize that "Justice" really doesn`t exist - people who lose a loved one through crime never feel that they are atoned through the death of the perpetrator. They may feel relief, knowing that the crime can never happen again, but their loved one is still gone. Especially in your pain, you are loved because you breathe.

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