December 29, 2014

God and Religion.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

To see God without illusions, we’ve had to overturn conventional religion.

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  1. Grace Szubrych

    Happy New Year

  2. heartphone

    We`ve had to overturn conventional religion to become without illusions. Yes the religion of the Patriarch and now we will have to take care that the religion of the Matriarch does not take over. Intuition is a so-called feminine attribute. Let`s get back with two feet on the ground and start acting like grown up men AND women and work together. That is all we need. No words needed anymore. That to me is the only thing that is needed and I have been working on this intention all my life and in my life it has worked and still works. Wish you THAT in 2015! All the best

  3. Brigitte Bernier

    Oh!so true!religion for me tend to keep mind close!To many rituals and mesadaptation!

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