September 11, 2020
Ask Deepak



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Everyone talks about the meaning of giving. ‘There’s more blessing in giving than in receiving’ the Bible says. True. We are all unique and everyone has unique things to give. True also. But what kind of a world are we living in, when all people only want to give? It seems to me the world is particularly short of people who are able to take on. And I’m not talking about taking on from celebrities, authorities, spiritual leaders – or Deepak Chopra. This is fellowship of people we deem to be at a higher social level. What I mean is the responsibility to take on from the persons next to us, our neighbours, our children etc. Taking on is giving attention and appreciation – a rare virtue in a world of self-publicists.


I believe that giving and gratitude are essential aspects of our spiritual maturity. Giving is not merely about offering physical gifts, it is a gesture of the heart that reflects back love, abundance and beauty  to others. That giving can be done with a kind word, a helping hand or a smile. And from the way you describe’ taking on’ as giving appreciation, I think we are basically in agreement. It’s just that I would not put giving and ‘taking on’ as opposite things. You are right that there is a shortage of a sense of fellowship where we see helping fulfill our neighbors’ needs as an extension of fulfilling our own needs. When we look deep within the silence of our heart we will feel our shared existence with humanity, and we know that altruism   satisfies the truth of our inner Self.



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