July 26, 2013

Full Spirituality.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hello, Do you think it's possible for a person to be able to encompass the full experience of spirituality without attending seminars, having a mentor, or going to an ashram? It seems that to really get "it," a person needs the guidance and help of a mentor. Are those of us without hefty financial resources just wasting our time trying to figure this all out on our own from reading books and listening to recordings? It's so frustrating because I feel I am only able to get so far on my own and would like to experience so much more – I'm just not sure how/what to do to get there. I know you didn't get where you are by yourself – I can't think of anyone I admire who did (except for Buddha). However, I live paycheck to paycheck, just filed for bankruptcy, and any type of extra funds are just not there. It's SO frustrating! I'm hoping it doesn't come down to uber spirituality for the wealthy v. glimmers of spirituality for the rest of us, but given our society and our economy, I fear it just may be way too true. Any thoughts?


Spiritual experience unfolds through the experiences we have in the everyday circumstances of our life. If we attend to the present moment with full awareness, spirituality will unfold in our normal everyday life. Whether that life is wealthy or modest, isolated or socially engaged, healthy or unwell, if your consciousness remains open and unattached to the outer circumstances, self-realization will unfold.

As for the need of a mentor: some outside guidance is required to validate whether your experiences are genuine or ego delusions, and someone who has already traveled the path can help in that. But there are other ways that message can be delivered when the time is right. Nature is quite resourceful, so when you need a teacher at some phase of your growth, that teaching can come in many different guises if you don’t have a formal teacher already.


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  1. Just a Thought

    You`re spirit sensed your life is what it needed to experience. You have lived a wealth of experiences that it has needed. The moment reveals who you are. Understand you in the moment and understand your spiritually - no cash required. This is just a thought...

  2. Abbie Merritt

    I have had no teacher and several teachers. A teacher taught me meditation. I meditated on my own, and had miraculous experiences that changed my perception instantly. Although I was part of a meditation group with an experienced teacher, no one could explain my experiences and the resulting changes in perception that I had. I meditated with many teachers, most very well known. I did not want to share my experiences with 300 of my closest friends at the foot of a guru, and then not be able to put into words the question that I had. I continued to search and try new teachers. Finally, I stumbled onto Deepak. No one was surprised as I was when I found out that Dr. Chopra was a guru and wasn`t just writing cookbooks containing healthy recipes. His books explained what I had experienced, and it helped me to formulate the question that I need to have answer. It`s been a 15 year process, and has taken three years to almost have the question formulated that I need answered. Did I need a guru? Yes.

  3. Kalkin Dhanik

    i believe that what so ever the source of knowledge of the truth may be ...it might be a different person,or a book ,nything ... ,THE ULTIMATE SOURCE IS U, people u see ,are nothing but just a reflection of urs ... human beings are blessed to have COLLECTIVE CONCIOUSNESS ... U R THE UNIVERSE , U R THE OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH ..u just need to realize and be aware of your true self .. :)

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