December 10, 2014

Friends Taking Advantage.


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Dear Deepak,
I am awakening to my true self. I am slowly letting go of my dominating mind/ego and learning to live in a permanent state of bliss with my true self. I have so much to learn though.. I am facing a few issues in my life situation which I am aware is for the evolution of my consciousness. However, just looking for some tips on how to do deal with friends taking advantage of me being calm, nice and forgiving all the time. I keep trying to bring out the light in people by only seeing the light in them but they just keep showing me more darkness.
Thank you so much, love and light.


If your friends are taking advantage of your easy-going nature to avoid taking responsibility, then their behavior is a reflection on them, not you. If you are feeling calm, nice and forgiving anyway, then you don’t need to worry about how others are interpreting your behavior, your state of mind is its own reward. If your friends expectations or manipulations become burdensome to your state of mind, you should not hesitate to say you no longer wish to participate. Just switch your attention to something else that is more enjoyable and rewarding to engage with.


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  1. Rose Ann Marie

    I have had many problems with this in the past as well. When this happens, I I try very hard to step back and re-frame things - what if I were one of my friends, is this how I would treat me? If you can consider yourself one of your most important friends, then it is easier not to let yourself be taken advantage of - make sense? Hope this helps. :)

  2. AJ

    You can forgive a few indiscretions from your friends. However if you see a pattern of someone treating you badly let go of that person. I used to have a problem with that. You want to be forgiving, you see the good deep down in a person, or you feel you need to have a relationship with the person(especially if it is a family member). Just say this isn`t working out and stop talking to the person. There doesn`t have to be a big fight. Assertiveness is not aggressiveness. As a woman I feel I was taught to put relationships before myself and be a people pleaser. Maybe this is not your situation. I guess I am just telling people. I am more peaceful and happy with less relationships in my life that are healthy. I am also not a lonely person or afraid to be alone. If I meet up with a friend that is nice but it is equally nice to be alone. When I am alone I can focus on a hobby, meditate, exercise, read,go for a walk, or whatever. I feel more balanced as a person. Do what you want to do. There is manipulation by friends to do things they want to do. Don`t do anything you really don`t want to do and don`t let people convince you not to do something you want to do. Basically I feel some people need to learn to be more selfish to be balanced. Yes sometimes selfishness is a good thing.

  3. Darcatt

    People who keep showing their dark side lack insight on how it impacts thoughs around them. You can inoculate yourself against these people by working on strengthening your awareness. Watch for patterns. If they are not aware, they can`t change. But if you are aware you will know how to not set yourself up to be in their line of fire.

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