March 14, 2014

Forgiving Family.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, I have had a really tough 2013 but the experience has been a growth curve as it forced me to step back and look inside myself. So far I feel very peaceful and I have been able to forgive all those that wrong me- and I am still working on maintaining the peace and growing spiritually. However, a few weeks ago my stepfather who treated me horribly when I was growing up attempted to contact me. A well of bile just erupted from my gut. I cannot stand him and I am finding it harder to forgive him and realize that he cannot do anything to me anymore, are more difficult than forgiving other people. Please help. I would like to get to a point where he cannot offend me anymore no matter how hard he tries.


It’s easier to forgive those in whom we have less of an emotional investment. Childhood emotional pain can be especially hard because we aren’t adults and do not have the awareness, tools or the power to protect ourselves. Recognize that this isn’t a trivial issue and allow yourself the time and space to deal with it when you are ready. You can’t force yourself to forgive before you have the strength to really mean it. As you get stronger and stronger a time will come when the thought of your stepfather contacting you will no longer cause such an intense negative reaction. It may not be a positive response, but even a neutral reaction will indicate that you are free of your past memories and are ready to forgive.


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  1. Ann H

    Learning to heal after someone has taken your innocence and used it against you takes forgiveness of yourself. You must first forgive yourself and then let go of your attachment to the guilt you feel. Acceptance will follow and you can begin to live a life free.

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  3. Sandeep Katoch


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