December 24, 2021
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Following Heart or Head.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, I am torn between following the path of my heart, and what my intuition, and the outside world is at times affirming to me, and the path of conventional wisdom. I lead a meditative life in a small coastal town, and have been outside ‘the loop’ for a decade, apart from my university studies. I struggle with the idea of ‘surrender’ and what this means, as my rational mind tells me this talk of following my heart, will lull me into a path of poverty. I feel deeply compelled to write- yet I desire the security that 9-5 work would bring. I find this impossible to reconcile. What is the true meaning of surrender? Why do I find following my deepest intuition and unwise, rather than wise proposition?


I actually don’t think this issue of writing is a question of heart or head. I think it’s more a matter of not knowing if your passion for writing is supposed to financially support you or not. However, you don’t have to know.  If you want to write, that’s fine, you don’t need to quit a secure job to do that. If writing is your purpose in life, a burning need to express yourself, then you will, even if it takes up all your extra time. If it then starts to bring in income, then you can decide to switch over to it full time or not.

Surrender is about giving yourself over to your selfless purpose in life, in spite of your fears and doubts. But trying to surrender to your purpose without fully knowing your purpose or dharma will often lead to your kind of confusion. My advice is don’t jump into the career of living by your writing until your writing becomes such a dominating activity and need on its own such that it is hardly even a decision at all.



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