July 29, 2014

Following Dharma.


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How do we know we are following our inner purpose or dharma instead of our conditioned ego mind?
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When you are following your dharma, you are growing in self-actualization. One has to learn to sense what this feels like at your core, because the ego mind can be confused about whether we are following our dharma when our dharma leads us to experiences that are challenging or even uncomfortable. Learn to listen to your inner voice and it will tell you if you are following your path to self-realization. If you feel you are, despite what your ego might be saying, then you know you are following your dharma.


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  1. Kartik Subbarao

    Ask yourself how you would feel if someone praises or criticizes what you have done. The more that you crave the praise, or the more that you resent the criticism, the more that ego is attached to the action. Whereas the more accepting you can be of both praise and criticism alike, while still having a clear sense of purpose about the action, the more that it supports your dharma. Note that it is crucially important to be as honest with yourself as possible. It`s one thing to blithely assert "oh, I don`t care at all if people criticize what I do". It`s another thing to surface and become aware of the subtle hues and textures of feelings that arise in response to praise/criticism, and to include that awareness in guiding your ongoing activities. For example, you can discern a feeling of gratitude which is different from craving. Gratitude helps center you in your dharma, whereas craving pushes you off balance.

  2. Nitin Bhatt

    outer world can be seen throug eyes but inner world can be seen throghonly mind "buddhi" every ourego can soluble in front of our soul

  3. Chandana Nimal Nimal Sepala

    Help Me

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