September 5, 2023
Ask Deepak

Is it normal to see flashing lights when I’m meditating?.


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I have been meditating with both your Meditation app and also using the Ananda meditation app. I love them both! Thank you.

I experienced a strange thing towards the end of one of my meditation sessions. I saw a very bright “camera flash” of lights and then I distinctly heard someone say my name in my left ear.

It was both amazing and frightening. I am not sure what happened. Have you heard of this type of experience? I know that I am not crazy but I certainly felt like it! 🙂




You’re not crazy.

Odd things like this can occasionally happen in meditation.

Just consider it a distraction coming from your subconscious mind. There is no “message” and anything of value that you need to understand from it.

Treat it like any other passing thought in meditation. Easily return to the mantra.



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