March 16, 2022
Ask Deepak

Fixing Marriage.


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Hi Deepak, I’d like to thank you for the clear vision you share with all of us through your work. It has been very useful in the hardest times. Thank you so much. My question is, should one always try and fix a marriage? What if one realizes he has married as an action of conformance and accommodation to what seemed the right thing to do at time but there is no love in there? I mean, there is a strong partnership but nothing else – no hugs or any kind of attraction or desire to talk. There is for sure a bond with both families and an external image of a successful marriage which is very important for both. Still, should we stay in it as marriages are sacred and we may have made this agreement to get married before we were born? Please help…


There are circumstances where ending a marriage makes sense and is in everyone’s best interest. There’s not much sacredness in a loveless marriage, and so I don’t believe there is a value in maintaining a marriage in name only just for the sake of appearances. But I do think it is premature to plan on divorce just because it feels like the spark has gone out of the relationship. Loving, nurturing partnerships don’t last simply because they started out with deep passion, Good marriages require constant attention and care to keep the flow of affection and love flowing. I’d recommend that you two commit yourselves to seeing and appreciating each other with fresh eyes. Find new things in the other that you never knew before. Every human being is an endless mystery, and if you dedicate yourself to discovering all the positive features of your partner, you will always find new ways to be in love.


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