May 27, 2013

Finding Your Self.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do you find who you are inside. trying to remember back when you were younger and at your happiest ? What if you can’t remember that? What if you at the point where it is almost robotic? Wake up sort out kids go to work come home food washing kids sleep next day same thing. I feel like my soul is covered in a dark cloud and I’m never going to know what I’m meant to be doing or what makes me happy or what it was that made me happy what I enjoyed when was I at peace with myself and everything. Help me please.


Happy childhood memories are a tiny part of our identity, but that is not our core spiritual self. So you don’t need to be skilled at regression to know your inner Being. In fact, memories are a distraction from your true self. Instead, take 15 minutes from your busy daily routine and practice silent meditation where you notice your breath going in and out. Every time your mind wanders, gently return to noticing your breath. In time, you will feel a growing silence inside. That experience is your real self which has always been there beneath all the thoughts, memories and worries. This spiritual self is your source of happiness and the guide to your life purpose.


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  1. Michael d

    Sounds like you`ve made great strides in your healing. I find that in service to others helps you find your "dharma". Have you considers helping others who had similar experiences ? Share what you know and have been through, it will bring more and continued healing for yourself and others.

  2. Lana Fox

    I once heard it said that our true self exists in the space between our breaths. (Probably a famous saying?) What you say above reminds me of that -- and is every bit as beautiful. Thank you, as always. Namaste.

  3. nevertoolatetocreate

    Deepak, Daily, I go back to into my mind to times when I was three, seven, and seventeen. Times when both of my parents were alive,(although not perfect, as my dad was an alcoholic)when I had few worries and responsibilities. I often look a photos of myself as a child and smile, and tell myself "I love you," and that I/you didn`t deserve some of the bad things that happened. Often, I want to hold myself when I was three, and just cry, and tell myself everything is going to be alright. I am currently stressed by the troubled world we live in and the last twenty-one years of my life have fled by. I ask myself where the time went, and how I could have let it pass me by. I keep trying to recapture my youth, in hopes that I will experience joy again someday. I have always called myself an artist, but even now, I find it difficult to express my life through art. I feel locked away, deep inside of myself. I want to live in the moment, feel safety, freedom, and joy. Like the warm sand under my feet and the soft cleansing of the salt water, I am longing to be reborn. Feeling Sad and Lonely

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