January 6, 2017

Finding Success.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


In your book How To Know God in the last chapter “Contacting God” you give 10 suggestions on how to cooperate with God through the vehicle of personal intention. Suggestion number nine is states: “intend that everything will work out as it should, then let go and see if any clues come your way.”

That sounds great, but it sounds rather vague. Do you mean that you don’t have to visualize a specific outcome in order to be where you need to be in life (based on the guidance of a higher intelligence and/or Self)? This sounds like good news, as I’ve been very anxious about my future, i.e. deciding on where to settle down, what graduate program to pick, what career field to settle into, etc. I have many interests and often picture multiple outcomes and possibilities, and I’ve been haunted by an inability to stick to one thing. Finding my niche seems like an elusive process, and as I get older I get more worried that I won’t find it.

It seems to me that this is a big problem because I’ve noticed that people who are successful in life are those who are committed, who have determination and specialize in one thing. Also, research shows that visualization works best when you have a specific goal in mind, rather than just a generalize desire. Research also indicates that skill is largely a matter of training in one specific field more than native intelligence or other factors. Is there a better way to decide than endless mental wrangling, and if so, how do you do it?

Lastly, when you say to let go, how exactly do you do that? It seems difficult to will yourself to not be worried.


You don’t have to try to will yourself into any state of mind. Just gently reminding yourself of the experiencer within that is you true self, is all you need to take you out of the mental wrangling and give you the experience of letting go.

It’s all right that you haven’t yet figured out what your niche in life is yet. Until you are clear about that, it doesn’t do any good to criticize yourself for not being specific enough in your visualization and sticking to one thing. Trust your process knowing that if you remain alert, it will lead you to exactly where you need to be. You are comparing yourself unfavorably to successful people with the assumption that if you only had their mental processes, your life would be fine. But your path is your path to fulfillment, not anyone else’s. Your hard won victories and insights on your journey will only be meaningful to you, so you can forget about comparing yourself to some ideal standard of what success is supposed to look like. Be yourself, trust yourself and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.



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  1. Connie Nick Nikolovski

    ✨Be yourself, trust yourself and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.✨

  2. Connie Nick Nikolovski

    ✨Be yourself, trust yourself and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.✨

  3. Connie Nick Nikolovski

    ✨Be yourself, trust yourself and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.✨

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