August 11, 2012

Finding Peace.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do I overcome my mind ….. To stop my fear of death and find purpose and peace in the present moment with out worrying why I am even on this earth… ? I feel like an alien… For this issue makes me bitter, angry, lonely, and afraid to be a part of. Please Help Me!


I’m afraid my answer for you is simple but doesn’t happen instantly. You have built up your identity around the idea of being separate from others, separate from your body and separate from your surroundings. That separation is the root of your fear and loneliness.
To get beyond the fears and worry of your mind you need to transcend the mind altogether. That means practice meditation so that you experience your true self as unlimited awareness, pure being. When you know yourself as the stillness of consciousness, you know peace, your know your purpose, and you belong to the earth because the universe belongs to you. This won’t necessarily happen all at once, but this is the direction you need to travel, and as you establish more and more of your real self, more peace and happiness will emerge in your life.


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  1. mary

    thank you for this question. i am always worried and fearful and i hate being like this. i am grateful to know i am not alone.

  2. hawkeyes

    In response to all the death comments I see it differently. I don`t believe that death is inevitable. Change is the only thing inevitable. It is said that all things are possible if you believe. That with God or the Universal mind all things are possible. If our bodies are energy and our thoughts are engergy we can change our bodies by what we think and believe. Why should the body suffer in order to bring freedom? One of the Master teachers said "If you believe what I teach you, you will not taste death." Enoch, in the bible, did not die a physical death. It says that one day he was not for God took him.He was transforms and then translated. We have a choise, we can believe in death or we can belive in life. What you think about you bring about. Thoughts become things.

  3. lee

    Nothing is suffered in death. Awareness of suffering ends completely and absolutely. In death, we escape the inevitably constant, ever-changing convergences toward and divergences from the polarities of human existence, and our resistance of it that causes suffering, as does attachment to those polarities. But the truth is, how can we comprehend happiness if we don`t know suffering? Or sadness if we can`t experience joy? Or fear without courage and self-assurance. Each is inherent in the other. Accept life it shifts, as it evolves as it is meant to, and know that you will evolve with it as you must. Live each present moment as it arrives then moves on - as it evolves. The end of human life is one among a trillion deaths that we `live` as part of that ever-evolving, natural process. So it is nothing to fear.

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