July 23, 2021
Ask Deepak

Financial Loss and Confusion.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Will you please clear up my confusion? I was given the vision of establishing a spiritual and healing center. I was directed by Spirit to quit my job, become a reiki master, a oneness blessing giver, a facilitator for a recovery group and offer all that at the center. I did, and even though people have been helped I have lost everything while doing this; my credit rating went to bankruptcy, my home went to foreclosure and my health has suffered…I have done everything that we’ve been taught. I’ve believed, visualized, lived as though…I’ve been positive, done positive affirmations, I’ve explored past life interference childhood issues and come to forgiveness. I’ve done everything I know to do and the money does not manifest. This has been going on for 8+ years and I have now lost the vision so I have nothing. I am being crushed by the financial burden that I’m under. I get no answers from spirit…what happened to, “if we set our intention the universe will bring it about”?? What did I do wrong?–but then we’ve been told that there is no right or wrong??? my head is spinning and I’m at a loss……please don’t tell me to wait…just tell me the truth…thank you


I’m sorry you have had a rough go of it on your journey lately. The truth of the matter is that you didn’t do anything wrong in your quest of a successful healing center, where you fell short was the depth of consciousness from which you set your intention into play. No doubt you have done a great deal of personal work on your issues in addressing your obstacles and limiting beliefs around abundance and success, but if your attention is not functioning at that silent level of universal consciousness, then no amount of trying, or waiting, or forgiveness will make your desires manifest. It’s not realistic to think that taking a number of spiritual courses is a substitute to decades of simple meditation on your own.

There is also nothing wrong with your vision and enthusiasm with which you began your new life direction, but following inspiration doesn’t mean you need to abandon financial practicalities. All new ventures involve some risk, so I’m not surprised that you felt Spirit was guiding you to leave some of your old patterns behind and take some risks. But I think it’s a common misreading of inspiration to believe that your spiritual self is encouraging you to place yourself in great financial risk as some kind of test of commitment. I’ve found that spirit can find a way into your life and use you no matter what your so-called job may be. If you are convinced that spirit wants to your start a recovery center, then makes sense to evaluate a few things beforehand: What is it about this center that I am essential for?, my spiritual guidance and development?, my vision?, my efforts, my connections to other people?  Also, is this project’s fate something that is peripheral to my life, or is its success or failure directly tied to my own journey of self-awareness? If it’s the latter, you need to determine if you are ready and willing to accept the consequences of that.

Finally, even though you are clearly despondent and maybe disillusioned over the turn of events in your life, I wonder what were the conditions of your life before you were inspired to this new direction. Because in my experience, people who make a radical break in their lives were previously living very cramped and colorless lives, and it was that bleak feeling that organized a shakeup of things behind the scenes. Would you have preferred to keep the predictable trajectory of your old life? Are there essential things about yourself that you learned through this experience that you wouldn’t have otherwise? If so, it might be that your inner guidance was really bringing you to these experiences and insights, and the recovery center was just a vehicle or pretense to get you there.



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