October 2, 2014

Female Energy.


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Hello and thank you for taking your time to read my question. I've noticed you talked about the power of female energy. I have a problem and I would greatly appreciate advice from you. I have issues with parts of my femininity and I would like to know how can I truly access and embrace my energy as woman and thrive in my nature. A meditation or recommended reading would be great as well. I love your advice. The issues are connected to this society that is constantly over sexual and degrading, teaching women to be strong then saying a strong woman is challenging and not appealing and so on. It's like many times I don't know what I'm supposed to be like, if I dress a certain way I feel I'm too forward, if I don't dress like that I go unnoticed. But I can sense in the end it all comes down to attitude and how I embrace my femininity. However I have this problem where I simply find it hard to access my true self, mostly due to all the confusing information I have gathered in my life.
Thank you. Love


Rather than saying female energy all comes to attitude, I would go further. I believe it comes down to connecting with that source of feminine energy deep in your consciousness and then expressing your being and living your life from there. A few of the traditional female archetypes of spiritual energy are the energies of creation, beauty, wisdom, and loving support. Find the archetypes of the strong and complete woman that appeal to you and model those energies. Don’t worry about how society says you should act.
To contact your true self, begin a daily meditation practice. Then to express your true feminine self, list the heroes, role-models, archetypes, or goddesses that resonate with you and think of ways to embody those qualities you admire.


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  1. Ala

    Sometimes it is about business. They want sell products, they praise everything, saying it is right and modern to wear. Then people criticise women who wear tasteless clothes. People are manipulated by media. They should more think about it.

  2. Ala

    Sometimes I didnt understand, which clothes are good, or bad, or too much sexy, or tasteless. When women wear conservative clothes, they say they are not sexy, or modern. When they wear sexy short skirt, shirt, they say they are vulgar. Some dress stylist explained to client what is electric sexy, tasteless, what is sexy, modern, classy. Men like classy women.

  3. Ala

    N: You says nice answers. Deepak has concurence. Maybe is is about mood. When we are angry we criticise everything, when we use intuition we are more patient, respectful.

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