April 3, 2020
Ask Deepak

Feeling Uncertain.


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I’m very unsure in the things I do, I have a new job what I really like but I’m very uncertain about myself, I know that I’m good in my work but because I’m so uncertain I make mistakes . Because of that I sabotage myself and want to quit my job. I get angry about it and start to make mistakes. That makes me a person that never accomplishes something in the things I do. I hope you understand my English. I wish I could be more sure about myself to finish things, especially for my children to show them to go on with the things they do in life. Do you have a tip for me?


It sounds like you are unsure of yourself because you are afraid of making a mistake, or making a bad decision.  Predictably, this anxiety makes you prone to little slip-ups.  Instead of being so concerned doing something wrong, just focus on doing your job as well as you can. Don’t look for the feeling of being certain or sure of yourself, because that is your ego’s disguise for the impossible ideal of being perfect or knowing exactly what is “right” to do. There is no perfect or right action, there is only doing your best  and  doing it as consciously as you can. As you get used to this more natural and easy way of working, you will gain a sense of confidence and surety in your actions. This style of living will be a good example for your children.



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