April 11, 2020
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Feeling of Unity.


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Hi Deepak,

I am just starting to practice meditation, although I have been practicing Yoga for years now. I had an experience during one of my recent relaxing massage sessions where I literally felt myself melt into the table while my back was being massaged. I was very relaxed by the time the therapist moved to the back of my leg. It was during this time that I felt as if the table had become part of me, or I had become part of it – we were one and the same and I had a sensation as if floating! I also could not really distinguish the therapists hands as separate from my own body – the sensations I was feeling in my legs from his touch felt as though his hands were part of me as well, as though my leg and his hands were one and the sensation was beautiful. All I remember feeling at that moment was complete relaxation, fully aware of the sensations my body was experiencing. It was completely blissful! A loud noise from the buildings heating system startled me back and I do not really know just how long the whole experience was.

Do you have any idea or can you explain what I experienced? Thank you


When we enter a deep state of physical relaxation such as you experienced in your massage it is possible for the senses, mind and feelings to also settle down and enter into an expanded state of experience. This is especially the case for someone who has been practicing meditation and yoga for many years and has developed the habit of bringing the mind/body/senses/emotions into heightened levels of awareness. At these subtle realms of consciousness, the holistic state of experience can be felt as both subject and object simultaneously. It is as if the experience of your leg and the masseur’s hand has no boundary in the single experience of the touch. It’s all happening in one consciousness, and made of consciousness, and experienced by consciousness. The wisdom traditions describe this unified awareness as true existence or SAT; pure consciousness or CHIT; and  blissful or ANANDA. Together this wholeness of reality is referred to as   SATCHITANANDA.



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