March 4, 2014

Feeling Lack of Connection.


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Hi Deepak! Can you help me with my journey? For few years now I have felt that I have a lack of love, compassion and other special feelings, that I used to have before. Few years ago I really had a connection to Christ, Jesus, compassion, the love of God and things like that. The connection was very deep and I can tell, that the feeling was very often overwhelming and warm. But suddenly I started to feel that I cannot find the feeling anymore. Or if I find it by meditation, it doesn’t last very long. It feels like God has turned His back for me. What has happened? Do you think that I'm opening up to something new? I have been asking angels and other spirits from light to assist, teach and help me, but so far nothing very deep or dramatic has happened. Can it be that I have gone wrong somehow?


You haven’t gone wrong anywhere. As you mentioned, I believe you are preparing to open up to a new level of love and connection. It is likely that this change means you have completed a level of emotional connectedness and feeling, and are now ready for a deeper spiritual connection. This requires a degree of core self knowing independent from others. That is why this intermediary stage lacks the familiar emotional feelings of relating to others. As your self-realization becomes more established, you will begin to again feel the connection to others, but this time not only will it be loving and heartfelt, but it will also be a real spiritual connection, soul-to-soul that will reveal a shared spiritual reality between you.


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  1. Puskee Nonny Nwaedozie

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  2. Kelli Wilson Fairman

    looking good Deepak.

  3. Marlene Van Tonder

    Excellent answer. Our inner soul journey is on a much higher frequency and vibration, once felt our third eye opens up too!

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