August 17, 2019

Fear of Public Speaking.


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I am 26, and I work  as a web developer in an organization. In my work I am confident myself, I can do my work on better level, but when the time comes to give a presentation in front of my staff, fear comes and I couldn’t do that’ I do not know what this fear is. Nobody sees me as mature. That’s why no one trusts me. How can I get confidence to speak in front of them so that I can give my program presentation? Help me please. Thank you.


Many people are afraid of speaking in front of others.  The best thing to do is join a local group  like Toastmasters, that meets regularly just to help people overcome their fear of public speaking.  In the group you will practice speaking to others. With time  and practice you will find it easier  to talk in front of a group, and that relaxed confidence should  inspire more trust from your staff.



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