December 20, 2017

Fear of Failure.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.



How does one get past the fear of failure?  I’ve been a practicing RN for 20 years and would like to write about patient care, answer healthcare questions and guide caregivers about caring for love one. I cannot get past the fear of failing.      

I would like to be fearless and write!  Any Advice?


From the soul’s perspective there is no such thing as success or failure, only growth. Failure is a construction of the ego to convince you to go in one direction of the other in order to feel better about yourself. When you are living from your soul, your authentic Self, you write because that is what your natural inclination is to do. Fish swim, birds fly, writers write. Ultimately, it’s not about failure or success, it’s just something you need to do as part of your own process.  You have a tremendous fund of knowledge after 20 years of one-on-one health care practice. What you have to share will be of great value for patients and caregivers alike. Let this gift of knowledge be your inspiration, and then leave it up to nature to determine how much exposure it receives. You will have done what you are supposed to do, and that is the only real success that matters.



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