January 10, 2015

Fear Messages.


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I am currently going through a lot of fear and anxiety. I am seeking all the spiritual guidance available and I came across some information that scared me which added to my fear and anxiety. I believe in synchronicities and believe I am constantly receiving messages from my higher self but these messages are of fear and worry. Is this possible or am I confusing the fear and its sensations with my ego? Moreover the fear and anxiety feels like it's coming from a deep deep place and this is what makes me think it's my higher self sending me these messages. Today, for example, while in meditation I had a sensation of spinning very hard. First counter clock wise and then it became more intense I couldn't even tell which way I was spinning and I even had to open my eyes because I felt sick to my stomach. I also cried as I was meditating. What's going on? What's happening to me?


If you are getting messages of fear and anxiety, they cannot be from your higher self. Your true self is fearless, wise and loving. The fear is old conditioning based on past emotional trauma. When these old fear patterns start to unravel in meditation, it may generate some physical and emotional release that might be uncomfortable. Just let it pass through without bothering about it much, or analyzing it. It will dissipate in time.


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  1. Daniel

    This is a time of great healing! The mass conscious of this planet is clearing, and each conscious connected is feeling the effect. Do not feel anxious about this that you are feeling because for it to be cleansed release has to be. We are but cells in a body Tha is this planet which in turn are the cells of the universe, as below so above, help by looking inside yourself and clearing negative programs. We are love so to feel anything but so to others is a foe par by ourselves. With the greatest love ❤ Daniel

  2. Kinesiologie Berlin

    Hi It`s true what Deepak Chopra explain to you about the old trauma, I created a therapy about the fear, but sometime you need to clean it too. Meditation is a very good way to take awareness of the fear and from many other things. have nice day and lot of light.

  3. Jacqueline Scheibel

    wise response and so true.

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