November 7, 2017

Fear and Success.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.



I believe I have been working at cross-purposes with myself for many years now, and am hoping to make a discovery that will unlock my mind and allow me to soar.  I am a writer, and I have been pursuing this career for many years now.  I also however do not have much faith in people, and have a bad habit of believing that people will reject me and my work.  I have worked hard to overcome this feeling, and have worked very hard to be part of a community and allow others to influence me, help me, and be part of my work. 

I am now in a position where I have created a work that has strong potential to bring a great deal of joy to myself and other people.  It has already done that for myself and for a small group of others.  Yet, as I try to move forward, there are forces blocking my way.  I’ve been on a 3-month job search, and this has created a rather desperate financial situation that threatens to defeat me, and I am constantly having to reach deeply to find the strength to keep moving forward and keep believing in the divinity of my true nature.

The fear I am feeling has caused me to seek spiritual guidance, to meditate for a better state of mind, and to fast in order to clear myself of distractions and negativity. 

I feel like a wonderful break-through is eminent, and simultaneously I feel as though a complete break-down is a distinct possibility. 

Do you have words that can help me?


Sometimes, our greatest breakthroughs do come when we are on the verge of a breakdown, but I would encourage you to allow for a less dramatic scenario. If the story you are telling yourself of how this is supposed to work out is too extreme, then it may limit your ability to see the simple next step before you that will lead you to where you need to go. Do you see what I’m saying?

Right now you’ve described yourself as being locked in and you are hoping for a discovery that will unlock you and let you soar. You have difficulty trusting others and presuppose rejection by others.

By framing your situation in terms of a last minute rescue from the jaws of destruction, you are playing into the strength of your old issues of trust and rejection, making the reception of your work more evidence of why you should or shouldn’t trust people and whether people really do or don’t reject you. That is a huge psychological obstacle you are imposing in the path of success of your project. Instead, you can let the acceptance of your work be what it is independent of your past conditioning about trust and rejection and your story about escaping a breakdown with a breakthrough.

Look for work with a simple, modest knowing that the next step is there for you when you are able to drop your fear and get out of your way enough to see it.



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