October 5, 2012



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Fate is not cruel. It seems merciless only when you allow it to catch you, like a shepherd who refuses to run from a wolf and winds up between its jaws.

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  1. Bozz

    Tonglen practice, as I understand it, is a method for connecting to what causes our suffering (e.g. insecurity). Used in meditation, a person would breathe in feelings of insecurity (your own and even from those around you) and breathe out feelings of confidence (to yourself and to those around you). My question is this, if like attracts like then wouldn`t breathing in feelings/energy of insecurity bring about more insecurity? Wouldn`t a person want to breathe in feelings of confidence and breathe out feelings of insecurity. I`ve read the same about light. Visualizing attracting dark light and releasing white light. This seems contradictory. Please help me understand this better. Thanks. Patrick

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