January 17, 2012

Family Wounds.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

I was born into a household that included a criminally insane mother and sister. My story is very similar to the story of the woman in the book "Sybil" though I fortunately didn't deal with it by splintering into multiple personalities. The rule as stated by my father was that we were not to talk about "our business" to others. The past five years have been significant in the awakening and healing processes. 

Talking to others about my truth created intense negative interactions, so I chose to end that pattern. Though no longer in touch with any members of my family of origin I understand the circumstances and do not feel victimized. Must I make amends with the individuals in order to avoid creating new karma or is it possible that my own healing and forgiveness is going to prevent recreating this abusive cycle for my own soul?

If you are asking if you need to make amends to your family members, I don’t understand what you have done to injure or offend them. If you mean do you need to re-establish cordial relationships with them, then the answer is no. You can still move forward with your spiritual evolution without their involvement. What you do need to do is be certain you have healed the wounds in you that had initially attracted you to that abusive environment.

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  1. rjay

    this sucks! Happens to more people than i thought! I think everyone needs to acknowledge and accept! Then try and move on! I lost my dad, had a son at same time! My mother rejected me dur to some insecurities i still dont know about! May b money, may b not! My siblings were no help either! contrmplated suicide but my son saved me! My wife supported me! It sucks! I almost took 1.5 yrs to b normal! Relatively normal! Being spiritual helps! Infact i realized that universe helps if u reach out sincerely! I did morning meditations! Met spirituAl Ppl! Read 7 laws of spiritual hero book by deepak chopra! There is light at end of tunnel!

  2. Julia Mallett

    Give yourself permission to take care of yourself as a first priority. Let go of others` evil and don`t take that on yourself, but give that energy back to them, as they created it, forgive, as know freedom. Let God and the universe heal you, and have gratitude for survival and coming out on the other side.

  3. Heidi

    My situation is similar yet different. I was abused by my grandfather, beaten by my father & had some fairly dysfunctional relationships since then. The pattern continued & is to an extent repeating in my children from my first marriage. I have learnt to forgive those men, but didn`t need to have contact with then in order to do so. Awareness of the patterns & a deep sense of forgiveness is part of the healing process for me. I can`t say I love what happened, but ican say I am happy with who I am & I wouldn`t be the same person without those experiences. I have learnt to see life with a soft focus & to see people through unconditional love. Those who harmed me only did so because they could only work with the tools they were given. I allowed it to continue because I could only work with the tools I had been given. Those experiences have given me more tools, & I know how to use them better.

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