October 13, 2020
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Family Wounds.


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I was born into a household that included a criminally insane mother and sister. My story is very similar to the story of the woman in the book “Sybil” though I fortunately didn’t deal with it by splintering into multiple personalities. The rule as stated by my father was that we were not to talk about “our business” to others. The past five years have been significant in the awakening and healing processes. Talking to others about my truth created intense negative interactions, so I chose to end that pattern. Though no longer in touch with any members of my family of origin I understand the circumstances and do not feel victimized. Must I make amends with the individuals in order to avoid creating new karma or is it possible that my own healing and forgiveness is going to prevent recreating this abusive cycle for my own soul?


You are asking if you need to make amends to your family members,  but I don’t understand what you have done to injure them that requires you to amend. If you mean do you need to re-establish cordial relationships with them in order to grow, then the answer is no. You can still move forward with your spiritual evolution without their involvement. What you do need to do is be certain you have healed the wounds in you that had initially attracted you to that abusive environment. When you have fully resolved the patterns that brought you that trauma and then integrated those disparate energies into your larger self, then you have done the forgiving and healing necessary for your continuing spiritual evolution, and within that will naturally emerge whatever new and healthy relationships with your family  that are possible.



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  1. anjana.thakker

    In our family ( my husbands ) there are financial fights. Mother and Sister against my husband. We have been open and truthful .. Given whatever was demanded. They still take so much advantage .. In my heart , I have forgiven them and want to move on. My husband ferns he needs to make peace. I can see how they are just using him .. I want to cut my cords with the 2 of them. They drain me , are rude to me. We barely have a relationship .. He still gives abs gives ( emotionally too ) But it’s his to give. I don’t want to be dragged there .. Is that wrong? How do I cut my cords with them? 🙏🏼

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