April 2, 2012

Family Anxiety.


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I am an ambitious, happy and mindful person. I am 27 years old and quite satisfied with life. Sometimes. My relation with my family is my bigger issue in life. My mother and sister don’t get along, my mother has a fear of conflict and my sister is very accusing towards her. This affects me a lot. I get sad and upset when they argue, since it’s so little that upsets my sister and my mother can’t seem to find ways to defense herself or talk in a good way with my sister. I also have a brother who lives far away and when he visits the family will gather and often aggressive discussions will occur. I don’t feel comfortable with this at all and since I feel there’s a lack of respect, love and stability, I get disappointed and will not get involved in the discussion, so I often go home feeling sad and confused. I seem to keep a lot of my anger inside and I feel that my family is draining me with energy. I feel much empathy with them cause they’re my family and we have been through a lot together but on the other hand I feel hatred cause they can’t take care of themselves or each other or me. I don't know what do to not to feel this anxiety about my family.


It’s difficult as a child to be subject to the angry moods and conflict at home. Because at a young age we do not have a strong sense of a secure or self-sufficient self, and so we draw our sense of safety from the emotional atmosphere at home. But you are 27, an adult who describes himself as ambitious and happy. You need to allow your mother and your sister to go through whatever process they need to without being threatened or anxious. Right now your lack of emotional boundaries makes you interpret their interaction as something you should be able to fix so they don’t drain your energy. You don’t need to fix either of them, you only need to find your spiritual core and build your sense of security from there. This is an opportunity for you to mature and become master of your emotions from your spiritual center.


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  1. AnnaMariah

    Deepak, I agree that I can`t control other people and that their behavior is none of my business and I get that on an emotional level, I`m able to distance myself from their issues - however, as en empath, it does affect me energetically regardless of my emotional reaction. I spent years working on techniques for gaining emotional mastery and learning to shield myself from other people`s negative emotions, and although I grew in my ability to meditate and other areas of consciousness, I still experienced being affected and drained by negative or angry energies around me. Being constantly told that I just needed to "get over it" "get a thicker skin" etc I felt like a failure. In truth, I was very clear that their emotions were theirs, had nothing to do with me etc, but energetically I still felt the impact. Then I discovered the BioElectric Shield which helped to strengthen my energy field, and I got the strength I needed. It has helped me tremendously in being able to stay centered amidst other people’s chaos, no longer drained by their traumas.

  2. Mona Khalil

    It`s difficult because it is your family , and because you have been able to stay away from the turmoil they seem stuck in- then you should try in your best power to live as peaceful a life you deserve and would want for your mom and sister... Maybe they would catch on to your positive habits some day- don`t be discouraged ! There is a reason for this - benefit from it and don`t let it ever bring you down ... John wrote some viable advice- you can only do yourself the favor of taking care of you so that when you do get together with them you won`t be on the stress mode.

  3. Valery

    It took me a long journey in life to learn to say " Enough of this " . Be free dearest one, Take your freedom. You do have the right to build up positive emotions, protect and take care of the good influence of your energy for yourself and towards others, You came to this world with a precious diamond in your heart. nobody do have the right to cover the light that is shining in you with darkness. If your mother and sister are dancing with the shadow and the light, as Rumi said : and the shadow and the light are the dancer of Love. we need to learn to walk through the shadows. and family and friends will betray you. but Love always will find the way to meet you. Meet with Love. Let them come and go. but dont invest your energy moving in a circle. say to them it hurts you. and demand peace, respect. If they dont wants to listen dont talk with the shadow. give love to your mother. and be alone with her. take her in your arms. bye. you are not alone.

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