December 3, 2021
Ask Deepak

Evolution of the Soul.


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A lot of spiritual teachers talk about the evolution of the soul. They say we are in a constant process of continually renewing ourselves and that as our awareness expands our soul evolves. But isn’t the soul whole, complete, perfect, and essentially All There Is? Isn’t it really our Ego, our sense of self, of individuality that evolves along the path of the soul? Would it be more accurate to say that the “process” of all of this could be summed up like this: Think of a hand holding a yo-yo. The natural progression of a yo-yo is to leave the hand, travel downwards along the string, and then back up the way it came to return into the hand. The hand represents the Source/ the Whole, the string represents the Soul, and the yo-yo is the Ego. The separation of the yo-yo from the hand is a metaphor for our expression into individuality, as far away from the Source as we can possibly go, then we make our way back. Wouldn’t it then be more accurate to say that the Ego evolves, and the Soul revolves?


It is easy to get tripped up in this discussion by the various definitions people have for the ego, the soul and even the concept of evolution. One way to navigate through this is to look at the whole process as individual conditioned consciousness,  which is ignorant of its true status, expanding in self-awareness to the point where it fully realizes its essential nature as unlimited, immortal consciousness that is at one with the source of all existence. This process of self-realization can be understood as evolution, where something changes over time, or as an awakening, where nothing that was real has actually changed at all, because the essence of the individual conditioned self was always the same universal truth. The only difference between before and after is knowing the truth.



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