May 12, 2023
Ask Deepak

Evolution and God.


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How can evolution and God coexist? For millions of years there was no life at all on earth, and if we use the 24 hour clock analogy for the existence of life on earth, only in the last few seconds did man come onto the scene. Based on these facts, why would a creator go through all these lengths to make sure evolution took its natural process, and by that I mean close to 5 billion years later, to finally have man on earth? I guess my question is, can science and God coexist, or is God just a ‘God of the gaps’ as Dawkins puts it? In other words, to fill in what few holes we have left in our understanding of life on earth and where we came from, we still use a conscious creator. Of course in my heart of hearts I’d like to believe in intelligent design…:)


From the Vedic perspective, the process of creation and evolution not only coexist, they are both essential aspects of the same universal process of existence unfolding and awakening to its true nature. In this view, fundamental reality and human existence is universal consciousness, not merely atoms. Creation does not have to be from a personal creator, it is also understood as an impersonal process of creation. Evolution is also seen to be more than just a species’ genetic adaptation for self-perpetuation, it is also the inherent movement of life toward greater self-expression of its potential emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.



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