February 26, 2017

Evolution and Blame.


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My question is how do I continue to evolve as a human being without also subtly believing that I am not okay as I am?  Also, how do I work with setting conscious intentions without blaming myself for lack of
evolution or misaligned intention if I have physical problems or any other kind of problems?  Your teachings about the non-local
consciousness and the construction of the self make a deep sense to me.  Yet I notice that I crave the kindness in your responses to callers in which you very, very gently suggest just one next step.  I am thinking that this great relief at hearing such kindness means that somehow I am still “trying too hard” to understand, grow, get things right.  How does one relax in this process and yet learn/grow?

Recently on a show you mentioned the Course in Miracles (which I am a beginning to study).  You said that each moment we can choose grievance or miracle.  That sounds deeply true to me, and yet, I feel that I can only do this in a single moment.  My very human self still has that grievance or wound, and now added to that is the fear that I am making a choice that binds me to unhappiness.  Can you help reframe these thoughts?


The process of transformation that accompanies self-realization is spiritual evolution.

This process is natural to life and is not dependent upon our judgment that our current state is not okay. An infant naturally grows into a child without blaming herself that she wasn’t a good enough infant, or that she isn’t okay the way she is.

The force of evolution operating within us provides its own incentives and drives. We don’t need to push our evolution along with self-criticism, judgments and doubts. Those are just distractions. Whatever deficits our present circumstances seem to have, and whatever the choices that led us here, this situation is nevertheless our platform for experiencing life at this moment. For that we can feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude. This allows us to connect to the love in our heart. From here it is easy to love oneself, forgive oneself and others and rejoice in the wonder and beauty all around us.



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