July 15, 2022
Ask Deepak

Evening Snacking.


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My eating problem is snacking at night. Throughout the day, I’m pretty good at eating healthy food in moderation, but later in the evening, usually when watching TV, I find myself snacking on one thing or another, even though I’m not really hungry, and I don’t know how to stop.


The key is dealing with this is to become aware of what it is you are actually craving, since you aren’t really hungry for food after eating dinner. Usually it is an emotional need of some kind—you may be feeling anxious, lonely, insecure, frustrated, or sad, and you are unconsciously trying to alleviate this feeling with snacks. First become aware of what it is you are actually feeling and desiring and do something to address that directly, instead of using food. In my book What Are You Hungry For?  I go into greater detail on how to become more self-conscious of these feelings so that you can overcome these unconscious eating habits without struggle and feeling deprived.



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