November 6, 2013

Enlightenment`s Context.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Does enlightenment have a context? As in a person’s total life’s learning and experience exposes to them a profound level of understanding meaning, purpose and with this a clear understanding of how this new awareness and understanding can be applied in service to others.


I would say the context of enlightenment is the accumulated experience that the core self is primary reality. This realignment of self away from identification with the objects of experience to pure awareness itself, transforms life entirely and is the context for of one’s all future thought, action and behavior.


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  1. Om Shanti

    I think the Maslow`s theory is working perfectly. Once you have all the basic needs and other satisfactions in life, the only thing a human being is looking for is self-actualization.

  2. @David77111F

    Enlightenment for me, goes far beyond that . I believe Information ( God ) exist in the Spirit realm . There is a area of Consciousness ( that I dwell in more than others ) that breaks you outside of yourself . Are lungs have very, very, very fine Tissue to them, that allow Oxygen & Carbon dioxide to pass through them . I believe that if you get Where I am all the time ( in this state of Consciousness ) Your right there next to Spirit, and then it is easy for information to Pass from that Realm to our Consciousness, just like Air does in the lungs . ( Even what I just typed, was the first time I ever had this thought and a example of me tapping into this information from this Realm of Consciousness . I know I am getting this information from another Realm, because it teaches me all kinds of stuff . I have recorded over 10,000 hours of stuff . I can also can on occasion sense others Thoughts . I have heard Angels talk to me, God speak to me with a audible voice 2 times and even sense and heard Demons . But, I have never seen or sensed a dead person, other than my mother in a dream, after she died, that I know was her, because of the information she gave me . So, enlightenment is more than just Self, but I have experienced hundreds of supernatural things .

  3. Shalini Kuchroo

    I don't know why? But sometime i want to criticis you. Can tell me why it's happened :)

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