September 17, 2017

Enlightenment and Thoughts.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


What is Enlightenment and is it related to thoughts, to thinking and so on? There are some times that I can stop thinking, I can control my thoughts but it takes energy and attention. Is Enlightenment a state where there is no thought without any need to attention and spending energy? Is this state permanent and stays forever?

Does Kundalini lead me to this state?


The awakening of Kundalini energy indicates an awakening process is underway, but it is the  after effect of an awakening, not the cause of it.

Enlightenment is the full awakening of consciousness to itself. Consciousness knows itself as the simple presence of awareness. When that state of consciousness becomes fully stabilized as not just an understanding, but as a feeling in the body and senses, it is permanent.

 That self-knowing activity of awareness is independent of the normal discursive thought process that we associate with the active  mind. Enlightened people certainly have thoughts just like anyone else, but he or she no longer mistakes those thoughts for who they really are.  In becoming enlightened, it is important to experience our true self beyond the thoughts in our mind. Meditation practices help us contact our inner nature in an easy, natural way without control or strain. After all it is our essential nature we are experiencing, so we only need to settle down and that should be enjoyable and easy, not exhausting.



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