July 16, 2012

Enlightenment and Sexual Instincts.


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Do god-realized people have sexual instincts or they are above that? Also, those people who are choosing celibacy on the path of enlightenment (monks, nuns both in India and in other parts of world), do they have to suppress/repress their sexual urges (while they are still on the path , i.e. before they become god-realized)? if yes, is that not 'bad' for spiritual evolution. i have read a lot of your books. as you describe the 'restful awareness' state (third state in spiritual evolution) in 'how to know god' book, if one is in that state , is it possible to choose celibacy in that state without having to suppress/repress sexual urges? Maybe in that state there is so much joy from within that pull of sexual urges is feeble and just observing that pull is enough ; no suppression is required ? but before reaching third state ? Thank you , Deepak , for answering also thank you for being such a great influence in my life through your books and in the lives of so many of my contacts who read your books at my recommendations and discuss these books with me.


Enlightenment means living your full creative potential in complete attunement with all the evolutionary forces of nature. For some self-realized people that may mean celibacy and monkhood, for others,( and that probably includes most people) enlightenment will include an intimate and loving sex life. Sexual energy is not opposed to spiritual energy. In fact they have the same source. But you want your spiritual intelligence to guide and lovingly direct your sexual instincts, rather than have your unconscious instincts guide your thought and behavior. But trying to control and repress your sexual urges is not the answer. That only leads to guilt, shame and frustration. As you mentioned, restful awareness is the key. That is the state of non-judgmental conscious awareness of yourself, and that quality of attention will de-condition your habitual mind and align it with your highest spiritual purpose. Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have sex, it only means that whatever you are naturally led to do is in accord with your dharma or spiritual purpose. And that is what really matters, not whether you express that through sex or not.


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  1. Shefali Bakshi Sharma

    vow i like that something new about spiritualism...

  2. Sabiha Nigar

    We are Spiritual Beings having a Physical experience on this planet , Earth.

  3. Angela Rose Pate

    Love, love, love that you are building this online community. Thank you all so very much

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