August 21, 2012

Enlightened Desires.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Dr. Chopra, Do God-realized people have goals/desires, if so then what kind of goals/desires do they have? And what is the real reason behind creation? I would like to know your inputs on this.


The desires of the enlightened are the desires of Nature. Their thoughts, desires and creative impulses arise from the source of cosmic intelligence itself even though they are filtered through the individual body and personality of the God-realized person. Their desires can range from world peace and spiritual liberation of all beings to something as trivial as a desire for German Chocolate Cake.
The real reason behind creation is the playful expression of consciousness toward self-awareness.


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  1. Anup joshi

    Before thinking of what god made for you,think for the people those Who need it more than us .We must take inspiration from people who gave their Own comferts for humanity.I remember the Nelson Mandela ,a true hero who always said:"I have always admired man and women who used their talent to serve community."

  2. Stuart A

    Every living being desires something to be satisfied, everyone of us is running after satisfaction throughout our whole life, but very few of us get ultimate satisfaction which means after that we are not forced to run after satisfaction. I believe we come to this world to fulfill our desires. You can see even people who sacrifice their life for others, they do it only because they think they will be more satisfied by doing this instead of doing something else. And this hunt for satisfaction goes on from birth to birth(rebirth) until we get to know our true identity. Only then we are empowered to control our desires. And being enlightened, we can choose if we want to come back to this world or not. So I think creation is the consequences of our desire. I hope those who read it, can understand what i am trying to say.

  3. Kasi Phillips

    Desire is the essence of creation, a divine intelligence that is watching itself evolve. That is the only way I can see and make any sense of it all... feels right

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