September 24, 2018

Elderly Counseling.


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As an “elder Law” attorney, I counsel clients daily who are experiencing the “losses” associated with declining bodies and minds.  But I KNOW that the real self is intact and eternal and PERHAPS that this time of decline is a time to FINALLY realize their essential connection to God.  I am interested in studying this area, specifically, I believe it is an understudied and potentially important tool in working with those suffering from Alzheimer’s.  If we can remind them that they are not their mind, just as we are not their body, we can show them that they have a truer connection to their spirit BECAUSE of the removal of their minds barriers.  Could you give me some direction, who to talk to of where to go to study in this area?
thank you in advance for any assistance you might offer.


I agree that this is a neglected and yet important area that you could be of service in.

The key to helping the elderly with this knowledge of their real self is to first of all determine whether they are receptive at this time or not. If they are, then you also need to assess what tradition or language you believe they can most easily take it in. For instance someone without a religious background may not be interested in a Kabbalist or Christian exposition on their essential connection to God.

My books “How to Know God” and “Life After Death” could be helpful study tools for you. I can also recommend Sogyal Rinpoche’s “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.”



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