April 10, 2012



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I'm wondering why the ego exists? I am getting to the point now where I can recognize it reacting and although I have to work on it every day, I do have a way of understanding it which helps bring me back to love, forgiveness and kindness but my question is this… Why does it exist? As we are all made of love, why do we need this separate "thing" which is the ego and always creating a false view of our world? 


The ego exists as a point of reference for our experience. If you did not have an ego, there would be no “I” to experience love, joy, or creativity. Without the focal point of the ego we would not have a sense of individuality. What you are thinking of as the ego is the unawakening ego that identifies with the object of experience instead of the pure awareness within.


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  1. ravenangel

    tiny pharaoh by T.K. Emanue blessed in a ceremony before the Arab Spring greatness his mother`s warmth will bring in twenty years from now this child will change the world somehow wisdom above wisdom below tiny pharaoh

  2. S33light

    I think that the ego is like the pupil of our eye or aperture of a lens, expanding and contracting to allow more sensitivity inward or project a more concentrated, powerful influence outward. To extend the metaphor further, we can become insensitive when we project ourselves so intensely that we feed back on our own reflected impact on the world. Like any physiological addiction, we perceive that only by intensifying the dosage of what is pushing us out of balance, can we bring back our native sensitivity (connection to the totality or Self). Of course, this only reduces our ability to break the habit. I would imagine this correlates to increased reliance on amygdala and prefrontal cortex activity.

  3. Bliss Weaver

    Love is LO PHI waves that fall for each other in a polarity dance. Their attraction causes them to implode but the only way they can avoid becoming a black hole is to dance around each other in a golden ratio pattern than allows the waves to turn inside out and wrap its arms around itself in love with itself. This forms a TORUS which is a self sustained living system of energy. We are TORUS`s made in the image of the creator, The Universe, the first Torus. Life is Love. We perceive life and love as light color and music that is not dissonant but crystalline, and eternally flowing. Tell you mind to let go of trying to control everything and see what happens. The real you is not afraid of death or pain because it knows they are a product of fear which is illusion. That does not mean your realities are not real for you. Through love all realities become seen as the illusions they are and even pain can be converted to bliss. Love to you Deepak

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