March 1, 2015

Ego, Surrender and Creation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak

I have a few intense questions that I need answers to I’ve started really taking all this in and realised my consciousness as my true soul. But some things conflict that confuse me a bit.. 1) Dissolving of the ego, I understand that in most Eastern traditions people tend to say that you need to dissolve your ego, but that is you, I’m not trying to be misleading by saying it’s the true essence of a human being as that is consciousness, but the accumulation of all our experiences all our successes and flaws, isn’t that what separates us from animals? This ability to forge identity as the quote goes “Life is not so much about finding yourself as creating yourself” therefore how about the inclination to use the consciousness i.e my soul, to create my ego without being super attached to it? Surrendering to everything and not having an ego while blissful seems far more devoid of excitement and the experience of life. If i was absolutely nothing but consciousness then I couldn’t live, how can pure consciousness teach you how to make food etc, is this unimportant? 2) How can we accept the “why’s in life”? I almost have a kind of syndrome why I have to question why everything is i.e I’ll be listening to music and go why do I like this? This then of course leads to because I do and then if I ask why again it continues.. There seems to be no definitive answer to things that would seem so simple, and I become obsessed over the fact that I do not know.. the why in effect can go on forever, do i create the why subconsciously myself? Any advice there? 3)The whole I am life I am god etc is confusing me, I think that I understand it as meaning that my own life is my own perception of it therefore in my own life I am the god of it. Is this what it means or does it honestly mean that I literally am life? Because that is a true mind****. Please explain if possible. 4) The last thing is where does actual purpose come from? I mean if we are just pure consciousness then where do my goals and ambitions come from? If they come from a false self (ego) then how can they be genuine or authentic? When I get the thought wow id love to make a lot of money for instance or a change in the world where does that arise from? Does it arise from me? My consciousness? Life itself? Please elaborate if possible. Sorry about all the confusion but I’m sure from reading this you can see why I had to ask.

Love and peace 🙂 


When we talk about spiritually going beyond the individual ego, we are not saying you lose your memories, history and your personality. All of those things remain in enlightenment. What you lose is identifying your true self to those things. That is a crucial distinction. That’s why it is called self-realization, because you no longer believe that you are your body, and your profession and relationships and your personality. But once you are spiritually awakened, you will still express your enlightenment through your  unique individuality.

Your fascination with the question “why” may reflect your mind’s reluctance to accept life and the present moment for what it is. If you can always ask the question “why” to any answer, then you can always feel justified in not moving forward. One can ask why water is wet, or why we experience the sensory world in 3 dimensions. Ultimately the answer to a “why” question will go back to its source quality or its inherent nature. It has that quality or nature, because that is its nature. Water is wet, because it has that inherent quality. Once you know that quality, that’s really the end of the story.

Your confusion about being God and the wholeness of life itself, is a matter of taking  a statement of truth about  fully awakened consciousness and trying to make  it  fit  with your present  experience of everyday life. The enlightened mind knows that its essence is one with universal life. For the mind  that is still identified with its individuality and sensory experiences, it is not true to say it experiences itself as the cosmic consciousness. The truth of one state of consciousness is not valid for another state of consciousness. 

Your goals and purpose arise from your inner awareness seeking experiences and events through which it can know its true self.



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  1. heartphone

    Just follow nature's re-cycling habits and with conscious awareness you realize you are doing just the same as is every sentient being doing. Being and doing, do be do be do in the cycling reality of the Universe.......

  2. Vivian Amis

    As humans, we try to understand with our mind..that which is beyond mind. The true Self is however so close to us that the mind can't grasp it. The only way of knowing the "Self" is to be "it". You are : )

  3. Robert

    Once ONE is free of the restrictions of the personal mind ONE realises ....... "There are no questions as there are no answers"

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